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Knights of Xentar / Dragon Knight III Knights of Xentar / Dragon Knight III Knights of Xentar / Dragon Knight III Knights of Xentar / Dragon Knight III

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Title: Knights of Xentar (Dragon Knight III)
Genre: RPG
Platform: MS DOS
Credits: MegaTech Software
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Skysenshi's Description: Young knight Desmond (Takeru in the original Japanese version) spends his days cavorting with women and generally minding his own business. He is a hero after all, and heroes must have time to relax! So what does a he do when his weapons, clothings, and underwear are suddenly robbed straight off his back? Start an adventure of course! Armed with just his little weeny and a deadly body stench, Desmond makes his way to the dangerous field, not forgetting to weasel himself into every girls' bed along the way.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001)
Old-school game with an umph!
True to its history of well-developed games, MegaTech Software, the creator of my favorite Metal and Lace, had hit another top scorer back in the early 90's. Like the other games before it, Knights of Xentar / Dragon Knight III was criticized heavily for its attempt at becoming a serious RPG. An arrogant game reviewer once said that a hentai vgame is supposed to be characterized by tentacles, flying cum and all things disgusting, and that KoX had failed in terms of character and visualization.

Short of debunking this b.s., I believe the developers of KoX had realized their goal. This was released in the era of 16-bit RPGs like Final Fantasy IV and V. Much as I loved the Final Fantasy series, I would still gladly give my vote over to KoX. Not even FFVI was able to showcase beautiful artwork the way this baby did. Surprisingly, the characters had more life beyond their pixelated selves because there was a bit of animation integrated into the special sequences. Not bad for an old school game, huh?

As for it not being hentai enough, that's another b.s. Compared to newer h-games like True Love and Snow Drop, KoX has a fighting chance at the wheel of sexual perversion. True Love's graphics aren't even close to the kind of visuals KoX has.

True, the plot is a bit confusing. I didn't even know what my quest is all about. I just knew I was supposed to chase bandits who stole my falcon sword. That's about it. However, that's where the H-factor comes in. It's about enjoyment and relaxation, and letting your id go wild.

The gameplay is nothing short of great. I enjoy real-time battles immensely. Though I have regrets that this can't be played on a console system, the PC mouse still has its uses. You can heal and cast magic everytime you feel you need to, without having to wait for an Active Time Bar. You can also adjust the battle speed during the enemy encounter itself. This is a very convenient tool because you can just go through the weaker enemies as fast as you can. Sometimes you don't even notice that you've already met and defeated a set of monsters. That's how fast you can go. It isn't as dragging, or as boring as FFV.

It's a shame that MegaTech Software no longer exists. If the gaming industry can come up with something half as entertaining and innovative as their products, our world would probably be a better place.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 10 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 10 Ecchi Level: 6