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Immoral Study Lesson 3 Immoral Study Lesson 3 Immoral Study Lesson 3 Immoral Study Lesson 3

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Title: Immoral Study
Genre: (Bishoujo) Fantasy
Platform: Windows 95/98
Credits: sCoop

HELP Menu Description (with editing from Skysenshi): The main character is Professor Hitosuji, an excellent and well-known tutor. He can turn failing students into straight A students. His target this time is young Manami…who has high hopes of becoming a fashion designer with her own Manami Brand line…

Read the complete backgrounder in Japanese here.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.13.2002)
Signs of the Times
I had a sinking feeling in my gut the moment I saw that title screen for Immoral Study Lesson 3. The cover girl this time looks so young, it disturbed me. Nevertheless, I ventured forward, telling myself that I had enjoyed the two previous installations of Immoral Study and silently praying that I wouldn't be sorely disappointed with the third one.

What started out as a pleasant surprise—in the figure of a rather well endowed hot mama named Sayoko—quickly turned into shock, and eventually disgust. There is very little human-to-human sex, but a lot of sadomasochism that includes whips, table edges, and candles in their list of paraphernalia. Sayoko turns out to be a specialist in the S&M department and the exceedingly acquiescent Manami seems to be her favorite whipping post. Our naughty professor Hitosuji, whom I've adored in Immoral Study 1 and 2, develops into a hateful beast who gamely participates in the entire charade. He doesn't even have to be devious this time, as everything is laid out before him—scripted by the nymphomaniac Sayoko. Needless to say, he's just being spoon-fed in this game.

That Lesson 3 suddenly has incestuous themes is the least of my worries. What unsettles me more is that what began as a rather fun, harmless and kinky game suddenly evolves into a title that I'd rather put into my shit list. Perhaps this shows that other h-fans nowadays have developed a taste for seeing innocent young girls beaten and broken?

The developers animated the parts that I'd rather not see, or the parts that aren't even that remotely important to a hentai gamer, like for instance showing only Manami's upper body moving up and down. Where's the fun in that? The dialogues are peppered with complicated kanji, which is mainly the reason why it took me quite some time to finish the game. Thank gawd for effective Japanese voice actors! That's the only positive thing I could say about Immoral Study 3.

END NOTE: Immoral Study 3 has not yet reached the English market. Pray that it never will.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 1 Characters: 1 Sounds: 9 Gameplay: 10 Ecchi Level: 9