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Jewel Knights Crusaders Jewel Knights Crusaders Jewel Knights Crusaders Jewel Knights Crusaders

jewel knights crusaders
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Title: Jewel Knights Crusaders
Genre: Bishoujo / Romance
Platform: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Credits: 2004 ZeroCool / G-Collections

Help Menu Description: Ginji, our hero, unexpectedly comes across some girls fighting. However, this is no simple brawl; it's a full-blown battle! Invited to join their crusade, our hero is tempted by these luscious babes and the chance to test his undisputed street-fighting skills. He agrees on one condition: He gets to do anything he wants to the girls. They concede while secretly expecting something sensual. The perks for helping out are thrilling!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (06.23.2004)
Never A Dull Moment
I can still vividly remember the last time I immensely enjoyed a bishoujo game. The title was Chain. Sure, the guy hops from one woman to the other before you can bat your eyelashes and you thought he’d never take anyone seriously. I ended up sighing over the story anyway. One other game that had nearly the same effect on me is Jewel Knights – Crusaders. No, it’s not full of mysteries and suspense, but it’s one heckuva parody that made me sit back and enjoy myself.

Story and Characters
What really lured me in is the uniqueness of this game’s feel. In a sense, the concept is fresh. Not that parodies of bishoujo anime are new, but this one really highlights the word "bishoujo" in b-games. The characters and the story itself don’t take themselves too seriously, and in fact even make fun of the entire idea of leggy girls in magical thongs. They’ve also gotten the SailorMoon basic plotline down pat. Read: Cosmic baddies always looking for “treasures” inside human beings’ bodies/souls/spirits/what-have-you. And get this, the Jewels are fighting against the evil force known as Ragnarokrr. Now if that isn’t loaded with in-jokes, I don’t know what is!

I find the protagonist, Ginji, utterly entertaining. He's a bit egocentric and cocky (no pun intended). Ok, scratch the "bit". The guy is full of it. But I find it a refreshing change from all the cakeboys that have dominated the b-game world. Ginji is the bad boy every girl dreams of changing. Well, technically he’s a rapist and yes, he's an ass. But then he's a jerk who calls a spade a spade and he doesn’t even bother coating his beastly nature with kilos of saccharine. He sometimes acts like a dumb jock and asks the silliest questions, which, surprisingly, upon closer inspection, actually make sense.

There are four sexy babes to choose from in Jewel Knights. Meno, the oldest of the JK, is also the leader. Ginji describes her best—a crybaby. I’d add spineless and naïve in that equation, though, because she just lets Ginji walk all over her. The only times she would actually unsheathe her claws is when she’s being out of line; and it's rarely directed at Ginji. Hisui, on the other hand, is basically somewhat of a filler—meant to draw the Lolicon loving fellows out there. Don’t see much use for her, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Ruri is the antagonist, the hilariously bitchy jewel who has an unlimited supply of biting retorts. She just likes to bait Ginji, going straight for his ego with jabs like, “Besides, you can't tell anyone a girl knocked you down. It's way too embarrassing." I call her path, the Fun Route. I expected a tomboy who couldn't do anything else besides fight, and I ended up seeing a fun-loving lady who dances and frequents karaoke bars.

And the villain! ZeroCool deserves a thundering round of applause for her existence. Arshura is recognizable at first glance even though she's supposedly going "undercover". But the thing is, she's been in the hero's life long before the good guys came into the picture. She's naughty, but she's not two-dimensional. She does have her insecurities but she deals with them effectively. She's also hilariously vain when she transforms. I’m sure hopeless romantics out there would appreciate Arshura. I mean, you’ve gotta love a woman who can tell Ginji straight out, “If you're a real man, you should be kind to girls, asshole!” And it came from an anti-hero, no less.

Whichever path you choose, you’d be assured of nice little surprises. Yes, even for the boring Meno and the baby-looking Hisui. Also, you might notice that Ginji isn’t the only one whose point of view is shown. There is another person who speaks here, which added a bit of depth to that character’s persona, and which is why I appreciated this person’s route the most.


Well, like most of the newer bishoujo games out on the market right now, you can’t go wrong with this one. The graphics are crisp, clear and so are the background music, themes and the voice actors. Much as I’m not a huge fan of J-cups and chubby-little-kiddie faces, I must admit that everything here looks good. The weapons, the costumes, the fighting stances are all superbly drawn.

Jewel Knights has a very anime-esque feel to it. It has eye catchers and Next Episode Previews that make it seem like you’re not really playing a game, as if you’re just watching a TV show unfold. I really do hope they come up with an anime version of Jewel Knights. At least I’d know that there’d never be a dull moment in it.

The usual controls: save, load, voice settings, and message speed adjustment panels. Auto-forwarding mode is enabled, which means that your clicking finger won’t have to bleed as you peruse through the story. You can just prop your feet up and relax while you let the story flow by. Getting all endings isn’t difficult to achieve either. I originally intended to use a walkthrough after the first run through the game, but then there aren’t any walkthroughs available online as of this writing, so I had to get the endings on my own. It’s pretty easy, since it has Character Selection screens before every chapter, much like in Tsukushite Agechau 4 (I’m Gonna Serve You 4). You can even try the Harem Route, by choosing a different girl per chapter, then brace yourself for a nice little surprise. Yes, I am cackling evilly as of this moment. Heh.

Extra features include CG Galleries, Flashbacks, Theme Songs, and Scenes from the Next Episode.

Hentai Aspects
One word: bloody. At least, at the beginning. Ginji, by some stroke of luck, goes into a cherry-popping spree without him even intending to. That aside, there’s nothing much out of the ordinary and everything—blow jobs, yuri angles, actual intercourse—is shown in moderation. The only parts I get a wee bit squeamish about are the anal sex scenes Ginji does with Ruri. Hentai fans might want more sex CGs, however. Those pictures appear like they could use some animation.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 9 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 7 Ecchi Level: 8