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Kotobuki Kotobuki Kotobuki Kotobuki

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Title: Kotobuki
Genre: RPG
Platform: Windows 95/98
Screenshots: Loosecannon

Mike's Description: An enjoyable little puzzle-billiards game were, if you're skilled enough, and patient enough, you can earn pics of some of your favorite Csware characters. Want a puzzle game with a bishoujo twist? Like games like Bomberman? Well, Kabuto is bishoujo Bomberman.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Michael Thomas (10.09.2001)
This game is a lot like Bomberman. In it, you can play one of two characters. Pai and Pino, both elite pool-playing-sharks.

Isn't really much of a story. In comical fashion, the characters in Csware's variety of games have gone on strike, and taken over Csware. So, you have to go building to building, using your elite pool skills to deal with these rowdy characters, and put them back into the games they belong too.

So, in short, it's just a fun puzzle game. You can play either to set up super-trick shots to get high score, or just so you can deal with the bad-guys on the screen, to get to the next stage. In this regard it's a lot like Tetris. (I.e., you can go for Tetrises, or just try to eliminate one line at a time.)

Now, there are some boss-stages that can get very frustrating and difficult. But... not to worry. Even if all you can do is hit the boss with your cue ball, it still damages them, and you do have infinite lives ^_-.

The extras of this game consist of a memory room, a music room, and a couple of wallpaper-pics of Pino and Pai that aren't available in the game itself.

Overall, a neat little puzzle game. And, if you like Csware/Himeya Soft's other games, then Kabuto is right up your alley, as you'll win additional pics of some of your favorite characters. A fun little way to divert yourself from more serious games.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: - Characters: - Sounds: 10 Gameplay: 8 Ecchi Level: -