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Let's Meow Meow Let's Meow Meow Let's Meow Meow Let's Meow Meow

Let's Meow Meow
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Title: Let's Meow Meow (Minna de Nyan Nyan)
Genre: Fantasy
Platform: Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Credits: 2003 Yamitsu Tsuushin/G-Collections
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Cover Description:
Cat God: Thank you for being kind to cats. I'll grant you one wish to show my gratitude.
Me: I wish for... my very own cat girl!

I thought it was just a dream at first, but a few days later I found a real cat girl, curled up in a box outside my door. "I've come to serve you," she says to me, her furry ears twitching curiously. It's like a dream come true for me. Before I know it, other furry pets have shown up, and I'm having the time of my life! Thank you, Cat God!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.30.2005)
Catnip for cat girl lovers!
You play Ibuki, a botany student at the Kaibara University. You love cats so much that you feed strays and take care of them when they’re sick, even when you know fully well that your landlords disallow pets. Because of your kindness, the Cat God decides to grant you one wish. You ask for a cat girl. Bam! He grants it. Simple enough? Well, that’s before you find out that in the process of you getting your cat girl, Mikan, some other human-like animal entities get mixed up in the fray and your “delivery” goes haywire. Soon enough, you find yourself saddled with the thieving bunny girl Hanabi and her cat boy butler Futaba; the police dog girl Shinju, who’s hot on Hanabi’s trail; the robotic kitty girl Koboshi; and the shrine cat maiden Kohaku. If that’s not problematic enough, you also have to face the ire of Nanami, your childhood friend and your landlords’ daughter. Congratulations, buddy! You have upgraded from Regular Joe to Zookeeper Extraordinaire!

Like many other G-Collections games out there, Let’s Meow Meow is silly, stupid, and juvenile…and I loved it! See, it’s mostly about kitties, and if there’s something Hentai Neko's webmistress is known for, it’s her love for the feline creatures. I actually found myself laughing hysterically at some dialogues, especially during the first parts, when Mikan was asking for “milk” — with Nanami in the same room, giving directions as to how to successfully get “milk” from Ibuki. The women also interact quite well, with many hilarious results. Interesting side stories also come up every now and then, like the history of the different animal kingdoms and Hanabi’s peculiar relationship with Futaba. Futaba himself is a noteworthy addition to the group, not only because he breaks the monotony for the usual one-guy setup, but also because he looks so much like a girl. His popularity with both genders somewhat reminds me of Fruits Basket’s Yuki.

The artwork has its ups and downs, but the CGs are generally attractive and colorful enough to hold your attention. The interface is very cute, as it is characterized by adorable kitty heads and paw prints. My only gripe with the graphics is the unnaturalness of the restaurant manager’s boobs. She looks so awkward carrying them that you’d wonder if she had just recently bought implants. The voice-acting is excellent, with the girls’ voices really matching the animals they’re supposed to be playing. Background sounds are standard bishoujo game fare, but pleasant enough not to sound too repetitive.

One of the biggest downsides in this game, however, is that it took me hours from the first blow job to get one actual sex scene. The sequences in between can get too talky that it breeds impatience. It’s a good thing that the girls utter some of the cutest lines in hentai, like, “My pussy is meow!” and “I feel good in my boobies,” or I’d die of absolute boredom. The character selection screen is also hours away, so you had better make sure that you are making the right choices before that or you’re toast. My bad endings were the results of the options I took before the character selection screen.

The women of Let’s Meow Meow can get pretty noisy during intercourse as they tend to describe everything you’re doing to them. If you find that disturbing, you can disable the voice settings in your Options menu. Fascinatingly enough, there are some hentai instances that I’ve only seen in this game — yep, I’ve never seen them done before in any bgame or h-anime title. Kohaku, despite her elegance, which she loses during bouts of narcolepsy, has hairy armpits. Nanami, due to her insecurity about being just a regular human girl, plugs a tail into her ass. Hanabi jacks off two males, at the same time, with her stocking-clad feet. And one of them still has his foreskin* on — I’m not saying who. Heh. Other than these, most of the hentai offerings are conventional stuff, with the occasional appearances of The Invisidick™ (another term coined by Hentai Nicco).

The endings could’ve been better, since Nanami seems like an afterthought while the others were like, “I’m here because no one else bothered to stay!” Still, I suppose these made it easier for one to achieve the Harem Route, which could be accessed through one of Nanami’s major decision points after getting all the other endings. Overall, Let’s Meow Meow is an entertaining package for cat lovers. I just hope they don’t rehash the approach for other upcoming cat girl themed bishoujo games.

Minna de nyan nyan!

*(I actually had to ask my friend, whom I call Hentai Nicco, as to why Futaba’s penis looked so weird. Hentai Nicco said that it was because it was uncircumcised. So you mean, all this time, all the h-protagonists were actually circumcised? Wow, you learn something new everyday!)

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 9 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 6 Ecchi Level: 9