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The Maid's Story CD
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The Maid's Story

Title: The Maid's Story
Genre: General Bishoujo
Platform: Windows 95/98
Credits: Himeya

Cover Description: "I'm a university graduate who was unemployed until a friend came to me about a part-time nanny job. For three months you will be employed by an upper class family with free living accomodations and meals. Despite seeming to be to good to be true, you take the job. So you catch the train and leave the city to travel to a town in the middle of nowhere, where a beautiful country girl meets you and takes you to work at... The Secret House of Temptation! Choose your options wisely, because your chooses alter your possible endings!"

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Michael Thomas (10.09.2001)
...Train three applicants into being prefect maids
The Maid's Story is a challenging training-raising sim. Work someone too hard, and they'll get sick. Don't push them, and they won't learn. Don't plan the chores well, and the condition of the house suffers. Don't manage your money well, and you won't be able to get groceries, or gifts for your maids-in-training. So, in short, a very good training sim as you have to balance a lot of different aspects, in order to make your maids perfect, and to train them well enough that they'll pass their exam.

You have several day chores to train the maids at; hosting guests, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry. And the girls all learn at different levels. One might be able to cook better naturally; one might need more encouragement to do her best, and another might be argumentative at doing some chores. As such, it adds a lot of character to the game, because you have to learn what your employees are like and work to their strengths. Just like real-life ^_-

Now, you do have night lessons as well. Which means, you have the chance to train these maids in... more exotic services as well. But be careful here too. Move to fast, and the girl will hate you, and be sick. And, a girl who hates you works much lower then their capacity says. Romance them just right, and they'll start to enjoy these night lessons with you. Overall, the three maids have very different personalities and learning curves (read the manual for hints about how they learn best.)

The graphics and art are fun, and it's amusing to watch the girls do their chores during the day. And, if the merchant comes buy, and you purchase a house upgrade, the pic of the manor increases. Lastly, you can get a good idea of how the house looks by how many piles of garbage or cobwebs are around, or how low the vegetables are by how empty the kitchen looks.

The music and sound are very good. The seiyuu really add life to their characters. And the music is enjoyable and varied, depending on what's going on.

For extras The Maid's Story, does not have a memory room, so you'll have to earn the pics each time; or use a photo editor to add them to your personal collection. They do have all the music and sound files from the game, that you can use on your Windows.

Overall, The Maid's Story is a very well done training-raising sim. Good graphics, good voice acting, and the challenge of balancing training with romance makes for a very engrossing game. If you want to try something completely different as a training-raising sim, visit Himeya Soft, and pick this game up.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: - Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 9 Ecchi Level: 6