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Pick Me, Honey! Pick Me, Honey! Pick Me, Honey! Pick Me, Honey!

Pick Me, Honey!
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Title: Pick Me, Honey!
Genre: Dark
Platform: Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Credits: 2004 Trabulance / G-Collections

Cover Description: My dad brings home 3 lovely ladies for me to choose a wife from. In order to succeed my father's business, I have to live with them and determine who it will be. It won't be easy, but I have to make a decision. What's better, there are two more babes waiting in the wings! They all love me and battle it out, competing to become my bride. They cook, clean, wash my clothes, and even take baths with me. In the breathtaking battle of love, life is GOOOOOD!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (06.05.2005)
Must I really pick a wife?
Like most bishoujo games, "Zzzzzzzzzzzz," would be your initial reaction upon starting a new game. If you are after an engaging storyline, and not the sex, you might just find your reaction remaining unchanged throughout the entire ordeal. Simply put, Pick Me, Honey! is just another brainless sex fest.

There are five girls to choose from:

  • Hazuki Shinozaki - A very violent girl who lives next door.
  • Chihiro Ogawa - The orphaned daughter of your father's best friend. She lives with you and helps with the business.
  • Mio Sumiyoshi - The signature princessy bitch.
  • Yoriko Mizue - The signature older woman who happens to be your father's secretary.
  • Futaba Shinozaki - A surprisingly bold bespectacled lady.


Take note that I had to check the G-Collections help file just to fill out the basic character profiles. The characters are so forgettable and common, I doubt anyone would remember their names when it's time to move to the next game.

Pick Me, Honey! is every hentai fan's wet dream, wherein the girls would fight to become your permanent fuck buddy. Hey, you even get all your brides watch your first experience with a woman! And no matter which path you take, you'll always end up chasing a girl whose feelings get hurt by some issue or another. For a guy who's contemplating marriage, he sure has too many juvenile matters to attend to. What grates on the nerves is the fact that the women's individual stories don't really deviate much from each other. You might as well just have one girl all the way. The greatest irony here, however, is that with this kind of mind-numbing setup, the most logical path of all would be the harem route. Do you really have to pick a wife? They're all the same anyway: airheads with beautiful voluptuous bodies that are always readily available.

The choices are no-brainers, which isn't exactly a bad thing. I mean, if you're going to be fed an idiotic plotline, might as well make it an easy experience. You don't need a walkthrough because you can choose to have the hints activated. The hints are in the form of a small, circular icon bearing the girl's face.

If you're in it for the sex, then just sit back and let the Auto Mode do the work for you. If you're a speed-reader, then by all means adjust the message speed. Heck, you can even combine the Auto Mode and the Skip Mode, then max text speed, if you are one of those who are impatient to get to the hentai scenes.

H-sequences are standard fare. While these are abundant, the worst of them involved pissing and anal sex. So those with weaker heart conditions need not worry about anything extreme. The artwork is also standard Trabulance, not very pretty but not very ugly either. The 3D CG backgrounds are nice, but I've seen better BGs in Hitomi. I guess Pick Me, Honey!'s best bet in terms of aesthetics would be the interface. The menu and the dialogue boxes look really nice and neat, not to mention cute.

I wish they could've animated the h-scenes to compliment the superb voice acting. It could've been the only way I might've enjoyed Pick Me, Honey!

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 4 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 6 Ecchi Level: 8