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Private Nurse Private Nurse Private Nurse Private Nurse

Private Nurse CD-ROM
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Title: Private Nurse CD-ROM
Genre: Bishoujo / Romance
Platform: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Credits: Angelsmile / G-Collections
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Help Menu Description: Hiroki Rikido has a weak constitution. All he does is go to school and come home with his childhood friend, Ayano. One day, Maria, who is a "Private Nurse," suddenly comes into his life. Maria tells Hiroki that his mother has requested that she take care of him. She'll live in his apartment for a month. Hiroki tries to make Maria leave because he doesn't want to lose his carefree life. However, no matter how hard he tries, she just won't leave. Hiroki decides to give her a one-week trial period. If his condition improves within a week, he'll let her stay with him for the whole month. Maria happily accepts his offer. Ayano silently watches Hiroki with mixed feelings. This is the beginning of a new life style...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (06.16.2004)
Another bishoujo game set amidst a flurry of high school angst. I was, of course, ready to dismiss this as one of those boring ones that have nothing substantial to offer beyond beautiful graphics. For one thing, some paths tend to get hideously long, not to mention many of the characters are cookie-cutter. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Hands down, Private Nurse boasts of exquisite artwork and stellar voice-acting performances. The CGs are all wonderfully rendered. There really isn’t much to say; words are nearly meaningless when it comes to describing such beauty. I only have a couple of complaints in this department. One would be the jagged edges on the character drawings, as if they had been cut up haphazardly and pasted on the backgrounds. And the other one is that the uncolored sketches look better than the CGs. I’m talking about the breasts in particular. The women’s CGs have boobies so large, they look awfully imbalanced. It’s a good thing they featured rough sketches of the characters, though. They provide an air of surrealism to the entire package.

Story and Characters

Characters? Typical. What we have here are a sickly geek, a nurse who doesn’t have much of a personality, and a childhood friend who has Akane tendencies. The girls have already fit the mold of your typical anime heroines. Heck, even the concept of a mysterious woman with supernatural past has been rehashed over and over and over again in numerous bishoujo games that I wasn't surprised anymore. There is nothing new in terms of characterization, although I must say I'm a bit more sympathetic towards Ayano.

Now this girl is where most of my entertainment came from. I was expecting to hate another Narusegawa/Akane, at first thinking that she would be the generic tomboyish/violent girlfriend. Instead, I ended up crying over her situation when I realized she isn’t as selfish as the first two popular anime bitches I mentioned.

Another interesting character to note is the one I ended up with on the first try. Nope, she’s not mentioned at the back panel of the CD-ROM cover, but I guess this immature adult, who discovers self-worth at a very late age, is a fresh change from all that bubblegum teenage angst we’ve all been subjected to. Hehe, I’ll just leave you guys to guess who she is, since spoilers would be out of the question.

Overall, the story isn’t fresh. I mean, the sick kid routine has been used countless times already. Thank gawd, a few quirks here and there helped keep me awake from time to time. Just a bit of a warning: Private Nurse is looong. Not as long as that infernal Divi-Dead, but it can whisk you off to Dreamland if you aren’t in the mood.

Well, compared to the newer bgames that came out in the market recently, Private Nurse doesn’t really have much to offer besides that uber useful Skip Messages option. The Save System is a bit frustrating, as it loads for the Day/Chapter, not at the exact time you actually saved. So if there are multiple choices within the day, expect to take the choices again when you load. I felt most annoyed everytime I lost the RPS (yes, there’s a silly little mini-game in there) and would have to go back to the beginning of the day.

You can’t use the keyboard (space bar or enter button) to skip to the next dialogues, which means you’ll be literally mouse-clicking through the entire thing. So annoying for someone who eats breakfast while she plays, especially when the said person would have to use her left hand to do stuff that her right hand usually does. But that’s just me being cranky and all.

For beginners, I would suggest acquainting yourself with the habit of right-clicking. That’s where all your preferences lie, from the voices, to the BGMs, down to which messages should be skipped. Oh and, yes, that’s how you save your game.

Hentai Scenes
One big object of dissatisfaction for yours truly. See, there are 30 days all in all, and you wouldn’t be getting laid until about the 20th or so. Not too shabby for those who are after the story, but I’m pretty sure you’d be miffed, too, once you realize that the h-scenes for days 21, 22, 23, 24 (or something like that) were actually just the same scenarios equipped with different dialogues. Those who got the Maria ending would prolly agree that they had gotten the better deal since Maria offers variety. (Gawd, I sound like I’m selling garden fresh vegetables here.) Either way, I’m not satisfied. As a hentai fan, I demand more, especially from a game of Private Nurse’s length.

Update: My friend, Rowena Lei, told me a tip about the hentai scenes. It seems that you have to reload the h-scenes to get a different CG everytime. Apparently, I was rather unlucky that the same frames loaded for me.

Aside from the usual CG Galleries and Music Galleries, Private Nurse has this new feature called The After Diaries. Basically, it contains sub scenarios that weren’t included in the main storyline. I think those who really want to get to know the characters better would find this pretty nifty. On the other hand, those who are after the sex alone wouldn’t get disappointed either because there a few hot sequences in the diaries, too.

Experiment with the game and see where it leads you. You might even notice the Random Reaction and Comic Display that the Help Section proudly introduces. According to the Help Section, Comic display is, and I quote: “A new evolution in event scenes! You'll get an extra kick out of viewing small graphics simultaneously on your screen. We've chosen some of the best graphics and scenes, and have put them together like a comic book. You might even think you're seeing movie film!

Random Reaction on the other hand makes you, and I quote again: “…enjoy different reactions from the heroines everytime you play the game. Especially at sex scenes, the reactions of the heroines change, depending on their experiences. You'll never get bored with these sexy girls. Get ready for passionate temptations!” Not that I actually noticed these two while I was playing, but then again it might be a different experience for other people.

On a side note: Private Nurse was one of those fortunate bishoujo games that were ported to the Sony Playstation 2. If you get a copy for the PS2, however, do not expect hentai scenes.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 6 Ecchi Level: 8