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Season of the Sakura Season of the Sakura Season of the Sakura Season of the Sakura

Seasons of Sakura
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Title: Seasons of the Sakura
Genre: Bishoujo Game
Platform: Windows 95/98
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Cover Description: It's April. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, exploding with beautiful shades of pink and red and white. They'll disapear soon enough, but for now the Season of the Sakura has come again to Japan.

I turn to her, standing beside me, and speak.
"The sakura were in bloom the day we first met. Do you remember?"
She smiles at me. I know that she is happy.
I look up at the sakura once more, and remember...
"That's right. That's when all of this began..."

I think back to that first week of college.... Nearly crashing into the tall, grown-up Reiko... Then there was Kiyomi, who has been searching for me over the past year. I met Mio under the sakura tree, her hair falling into my face. In my class were Meimi and Seia, best friends despite the fact that they were exact opposites in everything they did. Ruri and Aki came along later, as the sakura were fading...

I turn to you again and smile. You squeeze my hand.

"Yes," I say, half to my self... "That was it. The beginning of it all..."

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Gerald de Peralta, RM, RN (05.22.2002)
Quirky, but it works...
Rarely does any complete dating simulator reach my country, the Philippines. I was glad to have this game.

Yes, you are Yamagami Shuji, the best newbie in Kotobuki Prep. No doubt eight girls took interest in you (not just because they want you in their clubs), but you have to choose one, and end up hurting the others.

I was using a P166, 16MB Win95 machine, but it works well...however, it takes several attempts—and even rebooting—to get the loading right. Even that, there are problems with the MIDI music. JAST, the producer, admits to this glitch.

However, I don't care about the music (Just turn it down for Pete's sake!)—it's the game that counts. The girls in the game represent difficulty—Shiromizu Ruri being the hardest, and Shoko Nishino the easiest. The rest are fairly easy, but it takes time. Shoko may throw herself at you, while Ruri is so mysterious you think she's off limits. The rest takes the traditional way.

All in all, I liked the game, because of its complexity. JAST was right when they said this game features the most complex dating simulator yet. I hope there's a sequel to this game. Now, if the other companies would translate their games to English...

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 9 Sounds: 4 Gameplay: 5 Ecchi Level: 8