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Sensei 2 Sensei 2 Sensei 2 Sensei 2

Sensei 2 CD-ROM
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Title: Sensei 2
Genre: Bishoujo Game / Fantasy
Platform: Windows XP,Me,98,2000
Credits: D.O. / G-Collection

Help Menu Description:

Growing up in the same household...
A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion.

A teacher and student...
An invisible wall separates them.

She suddenly confesses,
"I'm engaged..."

Finally, he realizes the "existence."
writhing around in his body.

He hears IT saying,
"I want to 'POSESS' her."

Warning bells start to ring...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.15.2004)
This is the story of an absolute bastard who's so wussy, his last ditch attempt at proving that he has power is...yep, bullying women. And he doesn't just bully any kind of women. He wants them older, more experienced, and supposedly wiser. To clarify my point, in case I’m still not too crystal about this, he spouts laughable diatribes such as, “She still believes in her power. Very typical of a bureaucrat. She doesn't know it's just an illusion.” I doubt whoever concocted this convoluted tale is aware that those words could be thrown back at his protagonist. In other words, I could say the same thing for Mr. Cakeboy here. He can't get rid of some annoying men without the help of his women. He even can't defeat one woman without using a child. Oh, did I fail to mention he can also metamorph into a child molester?

The justification here is that he has this evil blood running through his veins because he descended from a clan that harbors a deep dark secret. Excuse me while I laugh my guts out. Yes, I should be vewy vewy scared of the malevolent being that loves picking on women, children and lesser animals. And that deep, dark secret? Your guess is as good as mine.

As for the women… Good Lord, please give these women personalities! They're all the same, save for one feisty teacher, who unfortunately ends up turning into one of 'em. All but two are submissive, insecure, helpless and basically do nothing but gasp—with or without sex scenes. These stupid, and supposedly mature, women let a kid think for them when it comes to basic decisions like rejecting a persistent suitor etc.

And that same old blackmail crap! Jeez, how unoriginal. I don't think a real "strong-minded woman" would fall for it. With the technology these days, you could always say the blackmail materials were edited even if they weren't. Smart women know that if they followed directions that say, "Be in this room and take this pill at this hour," they're going to be running through a vicious cycle. Again, this emphasizes how moronic the storyline is. Perhaps the author hasn't been around smart people that much. Come on! Give us something a bit more mentally challenging here!

The men, on the other hand, are equally idiotic (either that or they're suicidal). One example: Shuichi introduces one of the girlies as his GF and one guy notices a string attached to the crotch area of her gym shorts. This guy pulls at the string. Now, what normal guy would put his hands anywhere near another guy's GF while the BF is around? This is just proof that the characters here are not only bland, but they clearly haven't been well thought out.

Gameplay is repetitive. What’s the use of trying to put several endings in there when we all know that the women are all going to break and become his obedient sex slaves anyway? The only thing that’s convenient in there is the Auto-Click Mode. I had not gotten any sense of comfort in the Skip Messages Mode because they also skip unread messages. The usual stuff like CG Gallery, Ending Gallery, Recollections (who the heck would want to remember this game's banalities?), Music Gallery are available here.

Artwork, to say the least, is…how should I say this delicately? The females sometimes resemble Kerokerokeroppi*, Happosai**, or steamed dumpling (apologies to the three I’ve likened them with). The hentai scenes are abundant—bondage, enema, and other unmentionable tortures—but it’s not like you’d look forward to more ugly women doing the nasty. Some of the CGs are also rehashed. I mean, one girl would be wearing black underwear today, and then her next movement shows her wearing red undies—the same ones she was wearing the day before.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I like teacher-student situations, especially when they turn the tables around and it’s the guy who’s the student. This is a theme that, when done correctly, can elicit oohs and ahhs from both female and male hentai fans. This one? You’re better off watching the Aquarium Channel.


Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 3 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 5 Ecchi Level: 9