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Sentimental Shooting Sentimental Shooting Sentimental Shooting Sentimental Shooting

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Title: Sentimental Shooting
Genre: Shooting
Platform: Windows 95/98
Credits: While(1)

Skysenshi's Description: A powerful ship. A set of deadly space enemies. The object of the game: To destroy the cumbersome clothing of every nubile young female across Japan.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.11.2002)
Undressing women has never been this fun!
Sentimental Shooting is a game with no plot, no boring dialogues, and no useless options to choose from. What you have here is a spaceship that travels above a human form—an innocent looking girl—and your ultimate goal is to blow up every article of clothing that that form wears. But it isn't going to be easy. While you go about trying to finish your "job", a group of enemy ships will launch in your direction and fire at you like there's no tomorrow. If you're familiar with old school games like Galaga or even Twin Bee, you might understand where Sentimental Shooting is coming from.

It takes a while getting used to this game as it's been nearly two decades since I've touched Twin Bee and Galaga. At least, with these two you only need to concentrate on the enemy ships and dodging is never an issue. With Sentimental Shooting, you have to shoot at the clothes and at the same time avoid missiles and other opponents that randomly appear out of nowhere. You also get to battle bosses that send you bullets at an unreasonably fast rate. This is what hurts most: You can't afford to duck in the wrong direction as the screen keeps moving upwards, causing you to sometimes miss your target.

Sentimental Shooting has three levels—Easy, Normal, and Hard. You get better viewing pleasure the harder the game goes. Let me just warn you, they weren't joking when they said the game is difficult. It gets painful the more ambitious you become. Not to worry, though. You get a lot of bonuses and extra small allies that help make your battles easier. There's also the magic key "X" that instantly annihilates enemies when the screen gets too crowded. However, the use of this special is limited, so hit this key moderately. Original number of lives are 3, but if you use a "trainer" or a cheat application successfully, you can actually achieve god mode. Alas, I could never make this cheat work so I had to barbarically storm my way to the top.

All in all, it's a fun game to play once in a while. Replay value is very high, considering you don't have to go through so many hurdles just to get the game going. Oh, and by the way, the command key is "Z". It took me quite a while to figure this out when I couldn't get the game to start.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: - Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Gameplay: 9 Ecchi Level: 6