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Slave Pageant Slave Pageant Slave Pageant Slave Pageant

Slave Pageant CD-ROM
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Title: Slave Pageant
Genre: High School / General
Platform: Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Credits: 2004 Ignition / G-Collections
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Cover Description: The queen of our school: Miss Twilight! In actuality, she's a secretly trained courtesan. The three beautiful candidates have no idea what awaits them. Our hero finds out what occurs behind closed doors, strips the student council president of his authority and decides to train them for himself... Knowing one of them is his childhood friend...

On the surface, the school is reputable…However, they have been training Miss Twilights as sex slaves and sending them to VIP members of society for years.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.28.2005)
Another ZzZzZzzzz-fest…
I don’t think I should be blamed for forgetting many of the bishoujo games I play. They’re all exactly or loosely like Slave Pageant. Let’s see. There’s your idiotic plot, your unforgivably boring characters equipped with generic personalities, and your standard nondescript protagonist. If I even listed down all the things that make Slave Pageant a bad game, I would just be repeating myself. I believe I’ve already done that for about…hm…70% of the entire bishoujo game listing I have in this site?


The art and animation are passing pretty. There are times when you wonder if the artists got lazy, but the Extra CGs more than make up for these. I must admit I did find the girls’ SD modes quite cute and amusing, what with their bright colors and effervescence, even if the girls themselves aren’t. Backgrounds are rendered in 3D CG although they don’t seem as impressive as those seen in Hitomi. The audio is superb, as they used Japanese voices supported by English texts. Ryoko, the reigning Miss Twilight, has that low sultry voice that fits her act as the expert seductress perfectly.

Story and Characters

Pick a game. Any game. Chances are, you’ll find Slave Pageant’s characters there. The selection is quite unimaginative: innocent childhood friend, athletic tomboy, wealthy snob, experienced older woman. It doesn’t help that they all have the same microscopic waists, the same frighteningly heavy chests, and the same horridly low IQs. The only thing that would differentiate one girl from another is the hair color. And perhaps, the eyes, since Ms. Snotty-Blonde Shinju looks like she came from one of CLAMP’s releases. I could actually dig seeing snotty, tomboyish or naïve women, but do they really have to be so two-dimensional? They all lose their fire—and reason—the moment Mr. Dimwit dangles some blandly concocted blackmail material in front of their collective crotches.

The story? My attention span started to waver 2 minutes into the game—exactly when the “hero” kicked the ring leader’s ass and promptly took the role of being the Miss Twilight Pageant’s head. Everything went downhill from there. I should’ve expected it, the CD-ROM’s back cover description alone smacks of complete absurdity. What even amazes me is that the “hero” eventually falls in love with one of them and then votes for that someone so she could become Miss Twilight. A few paragraphs later, he gets pissed because he knows that the girl will eventually become everybody’s whore. Why he voted for the girl, while knowing what would happen, is completely beyond me.


Like many other yawn-inducing bishoujo games out there, Slave Pageant’s saving graces are the Auto and Skip Text modes. I believe these are perfect for when you begin to see the mind-numbing pattern of blackmail, rape, and personality breakage. And what do you know! Everything ends in true love! How nice.

The paths are not very hard to follow, since you have the Character Selection screen. I think whoever invented the Character Selection screen is brilliant. He found a way for a player to get all the hentai scenes quickly so that he can toss a boring game like this just as quickly. There’s also a chat log where you can read up to 100 previous dialogues. It would have been a nice addition…if the plot was any good.

Hentai Aspects
Oh, there are a lot of sex scenes. In fact, you don’t have to wait too long to get one. You can view a variety of fornication techniques from conventional, to bondage, to anal. Cunilingus and felatio are standard appetizers, while you get a bit of peeing scenes for dessert. All the women, save for Ryoko, are virgins so expect blood in many of the first encounters. If you manage to unlock all the endings for all four women, you may be able to unlock the harem route.

Overall, there’s nothing really noteworthy in this package. But if you enjoy sex fests and have no need for a decent storyline, I think you might be better off with Pick Me, Honey! It’s basically the same concept. I mean, choose a slave? Choose a wife? If you’re going to abuse them all and have them all fall in love with your absolute prickness anyway, it doesn’t really matter if the “lucky” girl becomes your slave or your wife.

Oh, yeah, there is one very good thing about Slave Pageant that makes it better than other G-Collections offerings out there. It is not a V-Mate* game.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 6 Ecchi Level: 9