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Tokimeki Check-In!
Tokimeki Illustration
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Title: Tokimeki Check-In!
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME
Credits: Crowd / Peach Princess
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Everett Lo's Description: Traditional Japanese inns, known as "ryokan," are wonderful places to enjoy the calm wind through the Japanese pines, bathe in traditional Japanese hot springs, and find the true spirit of the Japanese soul. It's also a great place to find romance and naughty fun!

You are Takayuki Yamano, the reluctant operator of Yamano Inn, which you took over from your parents after graduating from college. An average Japanese youth who's more than a little bit of a slacker, you wanted more than anything to get away from the inn where you grew up by trying to get a job in Tokyo -- but here you are. It's hard work, but you don't mind being around your childhood friend Ayumi and the spunky but cute Makoto, who work with you in the inn. Not to mention all the lovely ladies who are guest in the inn.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Everett Lo (11.04.2001)
Great multi-ending bishoujo game.
This is one of Peach Princess "flagship" titles, licensed from Crowd. It's a 2 CD game with various omake included, plus beautiful artwork, 17 endings, high quality music and the original Japanese voice actresses. And 10 girls to get involved with. (For those of us who like variety.)

The gameplay is simple enough, throughout the day you're presented with various choices that allow various interactions with the guest and staff of the inn. It's these interactions which make the game challenging. An off-hand comment to one girl will easily find it's way to the ears of the other females around you, making what you say to each one very important. Not to mention your individual choices on whether to slack off or to get down to business and work. (After all, some girls like a hard working guy while others are more concerned with fun!)

The artwork is very well done, not to mentioned uncensored. The storyline is very rich and coherent. And the variety of females involve allows great diversity and catering to individual tastes of the player. Again, interactions are key since you would deal with a "tom-boy" character different from the "innocent" character.

Also, there's a memory room with the various hentai scenes for those interested in just having those play, a CG room for the art lovers, and you can always just play the background music, which I enjoyed. (These are available after you've discovered them within the game itself.) My main complaint is that there's no way to review the endings themselves without either playing through the game completely again or using your save game points for them. (I did the later)

All in all, it's a good game with much replay value, especially if you want to get all the endings, with complexity enough that you'll enjoy spending the hours to get them all!

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 9 Gameplay: 3 Ecchi Level: 7