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Tottemo Pheromone Tottemo Pheromone Tottemo Pheromone Tottemo Pheromone

Tottemo Pheromone
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Title: Tottemo Pheromone
Genre: Bishoujo Game / Fantasy
Platform: Windows XP,Me,98,2000
Credits: G-Collection

G-Collections Description: "'Tottemo Pheromone' is a magical adventure game utilizing a multi-ending system. Silk, a beautiful witch from another world suddenly appears in front of Takuya! To help send her back to her world, Takuya has a major task to perform... He's got to gather tons of pheromone! Where can he it? From cute girls in uniforms! Silk really knows how to show her appreciation!! Sit back and enjoy this hilarious, erotic comedy!"

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Interzone (05.15.2003)
What was that?
The first G-Collections title I got my hands on is a whimsical wish-fulfillment tale with a twist. Out of the Ah! My Goddess mold, Tottemo Pheromone casts the player as Takuya Sakuragi, a university student lodging with his brother Takashi. Having little or no money with which to pay his way, Takashi requests his services in his cake shop, simply called 'Sakuragi'. Cue the Goddess-esqe arrival of Silk, a strange girl who has been traveling from world to world during the past 500 years, trying to find her way back home. She tells the startled Takuya that he can help her go home by collecting four elemental powers from pretty young girls... but this can only be achieved by bringing them to orgasm. In order to help him (damn he needs it), Silk casts a spell on Takuya, thereby increasing his attraction to the opposite sex. But will you use the girls to help Silk, or fall in love with one of them? Choice is yours.

Bright and bold, Tottemo isn't outstanding graphically, but it's certainly very appealing. There are eighty-one CG's to unlock in the game, and each one is lovingly rendered (though around half of the penetration scenes are depicted with a gigantic translucent penis). Special mention goes to the music, which manages to capture moods quite succinctly, particularly the cheesy, smiley pop of the main theme and the evocative piano-led bad/sad end theme. Tottemo Pheromone also features almost full voice acting, with only Takuya and incidental characters neglected. The girls who you pursue have distinctive personalities - as their different elemental powers suggest - and spectrum-raiding hairstyles. There are a couple funny moments during the game too (I never thought an old man taking a whizz could be funny, but it is here).

For the most part, the game is genuinely fun to play. More a choose-your-own story than a sim, those familiar with Tokimeki Check-in and Snow Drop should know what to expect from the game engine. However, there really isn't a great deal of challenge involved in winning the girls over; most decisions the player is presented with have fairly obvious outcomes. Tottemo Pheromone requires little thinking to achieve any of the six endings, which may be a blessing to those who found the seemingly random nature of decision making in the aforementioned games frustrating. If you do get stuck there is a handy hint feature that serves as either a nudge in the right direction or straightforward guide for every decision you encounter.

The characterization of Takuya was my biggest problem with Tottemo Pheromone. There is an element of role-playing in Bishojo games that is totally lost on me when the main character is so devoid of any sense of humor, is dull, bland, lifeless and muses over things that are so totally obvious. Takuya frequently blurts out eloquent phrases such as 'huh?', 'ah?', 'hmm?' 'eh?' and 'ummm...'? when posed anything remotely challenging (for Takuya). One painfully typical example; Sana suggested to Takuya that they have a quick cup of tea while they weren't too busy at work, to which our thick hero replies, 'huh'? Ain't it cute? No, actually, not when I have to endure Sana ever-so-slightly rephrase her suggestion so that Professor Takuya can get it into his thick skull.

To conclude: Tottemo Pheromone is a fun, pleasant game with pretty graphics, albeit a little easy. And let's just say that Takuya was very lucky to have had the 'gift of charm' bestowed upon him by Silk. Otherwise this drab, overcast Monday morning of a 'hero' wouldn't have had a look-in with those girls. Oh, and the hands-free mode is a dream come true (uh, I suffer from arthritis, see...).

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 6 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 7 Ecchi Level: 8