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Transfer Student Transfer Student Transfer Student Transfer Student

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Title: Transfer Student
Genre: Bishoujo
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP; Mac OS 8.1 or higher
Credits: JAST USA / JAST Japan, Co. Ltd.
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Readme Description: I am a dreamer. Whether I'm fantasizing about my upperclassman Terumi’s sexy body, or Dad's hot new wife, all I need to make my dreams come true is a box of tissue and a little privacy. I like to roam the school or town for delicious girls who I can meet and have sex with in my fantasy world.

I even created my own personal "dream girl" to make my sexual fantasies even better. She's the perfect girl for me in every way -- just the right hair length, a pretty face, a pure heart yet willing to please me. Her name is Shiho. Well, imagine my surprise when my "imaginary" girlfriend transferred to my school one day! I couldn't believe it, but there she was, the Shiho of my fantasy world, right in front of me. Would it be possible for me to discover the true nature of Shiho and why she has come to me?

Transfer Student is a game in which you play a Japanese Junior College student for one month. During that time, you interact with many different characters, and based on the choices you make during the game, you can reach one of several game endings with one of the three girls. Interacting with sexy girls makes your "excite" score go up, allowing you to make your fantasies come true in the school bathroom. But just where does the dream world end and the real one begin? You will have to find that out for yourself.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.14.2003)
Yep, He's a Dreamer, All Right!
You're a bad boy! You do nothing but fantasize about all your female friends, visit the men's room, and masturbate till you run out of semen. And take note, it's very important that you relieve yourself often because if you get too excited and don't get any release, you wind up in the nurse's clinic. Oh, wait. That's not such a bad thing in this game…

Your ultimate goal is to get to know Shiho, the transfer student. Is she really the girl of your dreams? Is she as perfect as you perceived her to be? You are ultimately determined to find out the answers to these pressing questions. Along the way, you meet up with other women, most of whom either visit your dreams or actually end up in your bed. There are four possible endings in Transfer Student, but there is no guarantee that you can complete all the CGs if you get all the endings. One big disappointment for me was that some of dreams are recurring, so there are repetitive CGs.

Basic options consist of loading, saving, and quick mode. The quick mode allows you to breeze through all dialogues without having to click your mouse. There is also an excite meter to your left, an important tool that you must always pay attention to, and the sexual release counter at the right side of your screen.

Focus on the excite meter. Used correctly, it can take you to your much-awaited hentai scenarios. To pump the gauge, all you need to do is choose the appropriate body part to leer at when facing a woman. Like for instance, one of the characters, artist Miki Maeda, can help increase your excitement if you choose to check out her ass. Some women only appear if you unlock a particular scene, like with Nurse Shizuka Hasegawa, who only appears when you've suffered enough from blue balls. When your excite meter hits boiling point, just pay a visit to the men's room and start jerking off to your steamiest sexual fantasies. Gawsh, I almost pity you.

Surprisingly, the game was designed with Macromedia but it looks like it's been edited in Accessories Paint. Sure, the women are gorgeous and the backgrounds are all right. The interface, however, seems like it was put together by a graphics newbie. I'm not particularly fond of the pink textured and tiled "wallpaper" accentuated by glowing texts. It's so…1997.

Truth be told, there really isn't much to say about Transfer student that hasn't already been said about your usual bishoujo game. The setting is always at school. The goal is always to get laid—with as many girls as possible. And the ending must always be a happy one, with you choosing the finest in your harem. There's nothing unusual, nothing spicy, besides the excite meter, that would set it above the rest. Now, if this were animated, I'd probably be singing a different tune.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Gameplay: 7 Ecchi Level: 6