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Virgin Roster Shukketsubo Virgin Roster Shukketsubo Virgin Roster Shukketsubo Virgin Roster Shukketsubo

virgin roster: shukketsubo
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Title: Virgin Roster (Shukketsubo)
Genre: Suspense
Platform: Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Credits: 2003 Zyx/G-Collections
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Cover Description: The Sadistic Hallways of Sexual Desires!!

Kengo has a secret. On the outside, he's a mild-mannered chemistry teacher...but inside a devil lurks, making him hungry for the flesh of the beautiful girls around him. Now the devil is rising in him again. Can anything save the virginity of the beautiful girls who trust Kengo completely? A deep interactive game of hunting and sex for adults!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.26.2005)
"Deep interactive game"???
...only if you're talking about how far Kengo's phallus got down into Kiyoka's throat. Virgin Roster is not a game for those who are into real romance. If the executable file name "Bleed" and the logo, which is characterized by droplets of blood, don't tell you what to expect, then the first few lines of Kengo's dialogues should. Kengo is what you'd call a modern-day Narcissus. What he needs is a female version of himself to fuck and fall in love with, because that's the only woman he'd ever respect. He has this delusional belief that he's gorgeous and important, but you'll know it's just that — a delusion. If you notice his sex scenes, the women all seem to be bigger than he is. His head is this tiny little thing.

Since you will be playing Kengo, you will be in the shoes of a poser chemistry teacher who has no decent bone in his body. Calling him a devil is romanticizing it, so let's just say he is a swine in human clothes. He has no shame, no compassion, no integrity, and no history to account for the kind of filthy beast he is. He doesn't feel guilt and the only two emotions he manifests are anger (at being foiled) and jubilation (whenever he has captured a victim). Your goal, as Kengo, is to deflower every beautiful virgin within your radius and it must be as bloody and disgusting as you can manage. You will be rescuing damsels in distress, not because you are a knight in shining armor, but because you are an asshole who must use every convenient reason there is to forcefully stick your rod into every nook and cranny. Illegal drugs and even the flimsiest blackmail material can be used at your disposal. You will subject your girls to various methods of rape, humiliation, complete and utter subjugation — even to the point of making them lick their own virginal blood off your penis. Because you are an egotistical god-like bast, who has no consideration for men and women alike, you will always win. No matter which path you take, one or two of your women will always end up as your mindless sex slaves. May your manroot fall off and rot.

Theoretically, it's not very hard to slip into Kengo's ultimate evil glove and be as guiltless as you can be. Everyone, after all, has a dark side. I've done it before with games like Immoral Study and Jewel Knights Crusaders. There's just something about Virgin Roster that kind of numbs the senses. It's like every scene should be meant to shock you but the game eventually becomes repetitive by the third sexual encounter. Virgin Roster has "multi-linear scenarios", but many of the scenes are recycled throughout several paths. Their idea of multi-linear is to have a hidden sex segment at the end of each girl's route. Other than that, you go through the same rape sequences, which are mostly starred by the acquiescent Kiyoka, over and over. Simply put, you will be making use of that "Skip Previously Read Messages" option 70% of the time.

There is hardly any substance in the plot and I found myself yawning through most of it. In fairness, however, the hentai scenes are exquisitely rendered. Once you get past the bleeding ritual, you may find yourself enjoying the next few hentai episodes. I did so by pretending they were playing hooky because reading Kengo's recurring dirty talk is like bashing my head against the monitor repeatedly. You already know what's going to come out of Kengo's mouth, so why bother?

I wish they would animate better games the way they did with Virgin Roster. The animation is somewhat superior to what's shown in most anime out there. The artwork, which makes use of dreamy colors, is basically the only thing that kept me going despite my apathy. The voice acting isn't bad either, since the girls' voices are solid and firm, especially Yuki's, Saki's and Shinobu's. The title and ending music are also quite nice.

This could've been a better game, if only they paid as much attention to the storyline and route branching as they did to the artwork and animation. Variety is the key! Otherwise, might as well just release it as an animated feature instead of a game.

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 6 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 6 Ecchi Level: 10