Manabe Jouji – Dear My Ushi-Chichi

by Dreaper on March 30, 2010

in All,Translated Mangas

Its nice to see a manga with a neko in it, a real one and not just cosplay. Tail and all. But for me, the neko is the only part that does it for me in this manga. Its not that the art isn’t good, and the story funny… but its all just a bit too mild for my taste. I’ve been ruined for casual stuff. XD But if you don’t mind “softcore” then you should like this. Its uncensored too, which is nice. Though in some scenes it might as well be called censored, everything kinda has this shining light effect. Not saiyan but still. I also know that this isn’t the complete manga, but its all that I could find translated. Complete or not, there is over 100 pictures, so thats always a nice bonus. Enjoy.


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