Ace Attorney

This is the last of the Ace Attorney Doujin I have to update, although I’m not even sure if it’s Ace Attorney.  If anyone that’s familiar with the game or the Anime series let me know, I may have the a different Doujin in the folder.  Anyway, this doujin is straight Yuri stuff, pretty standard [...]


I gotta say, this Doujin is pretty amusing and the story makes no sense what’s so ever but that’s Ace Attorney for ya.  If you’ve played the game then you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The art is so so, it’s nothing compared to Love Junkie which I shared on the last post.  The sex [...]


This is a neat little Doujinshi by Bakuretsu Fusen, who is one of my fav artist now since I just love this style of art.  The lines are awesome (meaning ink) but the story is so so, the dialog is actually kind of funny… I’m not sure if it’s in a good way unless you [...]

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