huge breast

Just when you think Code Geass can’t get any better, we get a full color doujinshi with absolutely beautiful artwork. A gorgeous redhead who’s only dream is to fuck as hard as she can is a winner in my book. It’s just too bad that her tight pussy was blurred out by those nefarious censors. [...]


Not a big surprise that the girl in this is the club president, seems every hot girl in hentai manga based in a school is in a seat of power of some sort of another. This is a beautiful manga, with gorgeous UNCENSORED ZOMG art. What wouldn’t you like about this? Well, she has enormous [...]


This is a great little douninshi, with beautiful artwork, a beautiful girl, and great sex. Sure its censored, but the bars arent black at least so at least they blend in a little bit. Theres a few extra pages at the end that arent translated but I decided to leave them in there anyway. VIRGINITY [...]


This being the holiday times, I find I’m having less and less time to write even these short little descriptions so you’ll notice the next bit of updates might not have descriptions. This little beauty is sadly incomplete, being only chapters 1, 3, and 4, but I felt it should still be shared. This is [...]

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