Kensoh Ogawa

This is short, it’s more like a mini image gallery to accompany the fluffy upload, which you can find here . The art work is very good though so do yourself a favor and give them both a download. This is a Kensoh Ogawa production and as always it offers some delightful eye candy. Download


This is another doujinshi based on the video game Amagami. I don’t know much about the game itself, but there are a lot of great doujins popping up based on this game (like this one ). Kensoh Ogawa gives us great, uncensored action. The artwork is amazing and the story almost makes sense Download


Here’s another Code Geass doujin, though this one might actually please non-familiars more than actual fans. Why? Most fans may not fully appreciate seeing the characters being used and acting like nymphs. Course maybe Im wrong. Either way, story aside, it’s a fairly decent doujin. The artwork is decent but the annoying abundance of censoring [...]

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See how much better and wetter things are without nasty censorship monsters spoiling the fun? Download