This doujin is a bit… different from what Im used to. Not in a bad way, just. Differnet. The panels of the pages don’t have windows, so everything has this… “extras” or “bonus” feel to it. But the artwork is nice, I think it’s the expressions I like most. Don’t get your hopes up too [...]


Its nice to see a manga with a neko in it, a real one and not just cosplay. Tail and all. But for me, the neko is the only part that does it for me in this manga. Its not that the art isn’t good, and the story funny… but its all just a bit [...]


This being the holiday times, I find I’m having less and less time to write even these short little descriptions so you’ll notice the next bit of updates might not have descriptions. This little beauty is sadly incomplete, being only chapters 1, 3, and 4, but I felt it should still be shared. This is [...]

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