This is a nice manga, I’m not a huge fan of the art.  The girls didn’t seem that attractive to me for some reason, perhaps I like the girls a bit trimmer.  There  are some good uniform fetish here to enjoy such as school girls and OL (office lady) the sex is great but nothing [...]


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(K-ON!) Inran

by Dreaper on November 19, 2009

in All,Translated Doujinshi

Another cute little story, this time about two beautiful schoolgirls, with one coming out to the other and, inevitably, leading to sex. She has the sex drive of a teenage boy. Its has a few funny moments too, my favorite being the bathroom bit (you’ll see what I mean). As someone who isn’t normally that [...]


Okay I wont bother telling you what story or plot any of these follows, as they don’t all exactly sink up together, that Im particularly aware of. What I will say that there is over 250 pages here, of very well-detailed, high-quality hentai work by a great artist. It’d be shameful for you miss it. [...]


Woah now heres a big treat. 213 pages big, to be exact. The story follows a music teacher who gets framed, or bribed, however you wanna see it,  into sex by a student of hers. She quickly becomes his sex slave and falls victim to the lust. You know how it goes. The artwork is [...]


I love this one magna, it was great artwork and lots of great H scenes. The story is pretty straightforward, three girls are being fucked by a tutor, the first of which is actually “raped” right in front of the other two who just watch in shock and awe. Good friends there… The plot isn’t [...]