This one is the longest so far from Avion Village. We have two stories here for you today. The first one she gets taken by all possible angles and the second we have a sweeter and more innocent girl. The story line is better than the other Avion Village Doujinshi strips I have seen. Download

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This one consists of multiple stories of different women, making this series a little longer. The artwork is good and detailed, but there is not much storyline. The story is set in a brothel, which means there isĀ  a good variety of women for you to enjoy from. Download


Le Beau Matire 3 as promised! Again, still could not find part 1 in our database. This one was translated by HMedia. Still the same style, but a little different storyline this time. Starts out a lot quicker than the 2nd one posted earlier. The male character is the same as last, but with a [...]