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Tama from Third Street – Chapter 1

by Dreaper on October 24, 2009

in All,Translated Mangas

This is a fairly simple story, so far. A nice guy meets what appears to be a young boy who’s ran away from home on the street. He offers him some food and a place to stay for the time being. While in the real world the only people who’d be that nice to a complete stranger are probably planning on raping and murdering them, this is the hentai world so, while it is still possible, he doesn’t have any dark motives behind his kind deeds. However he comes to find out, that what he thought was a young boy, is actually a young girl. To repay his kindness, she offers to satisfy his sexual needs. Considering how much she ate, I’d say he paid good money for it. Enjoy people.

tama ch1 preview

Personally I prefer larger, plump breast, but hey, to each his own…


tama ch1 preview 2

I prefer solid glowing saiyan genitals more than all those annoying black bars.

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